Tess The Story of DO IT

The Story of DO IT

Samudra alfath group was build on 8th April 2019 in SouthTangerang, Indonesia. Samudra Alfath Group was founded by an academic who was concerned about the economic conditions of cocoa farmers and students due to the large number of unemployed.

We produce intermediate cocoa (cocoa butter and cocoa powder) and ready-to-eat chocolate (chocolate with nuts, chocolate with fruits etc) with many variants by using fine cocoa beans from across Indonesia. We are committed to always producing quality and hygienic products. We serve personal and business consumers in both domestic and international markets.


Establishing a cocoa factory to produce natural andalkalized cocoa powder and cocoa butter until ready to eat chocolate to meet local and international marketshare

-Fulfill market demand by producing commodities suchascocoa powder, cocoa butter
-To create and provide good quality products with ancompetitive price
-Provide good services, maintain cooperativerelationships